Collaborate with me

Commission new music.

I write music in an array of genres, and have composed for ensembles ranging from 40-piece orchestras to construction machinery. I have received commissions to write for a wide variety of projects, from symphonic works and musicals to interactive app soundtracks and ballets.

If you have enjoyed my music and would like to start a conversation about commissioning an original composition, I invite you to contact me. Whether you are interested in commissioning concert music or another genre of music for a particular project or occasion, I welcome the opportunity to discuss your interests and my composition process with you.

License my music.

You can also license music I’ve already written. Licensing music is often complicated. But because I write, perform, record, and self-publish my music, there are no third parties that require ongoing royalties, enabling me to simplify the process and reduce the cost.

My music falls into three categories:

> Music I do not license for any use

> Music I license free of charge

> Music I license for a one-time fee

Most of my music falls into the second category and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. This means that I permit any listener to freely share and even adapt my music by remixing or transforming it. The only requirements are that listeners provide attribution and do not use any aspect of my music for commercial purposes. (For more information about this license, visit Creative Commons.)

All the music in the second and third categories is identical, but the license differs: the third category allows you to purchase a license to use my music for commercial purposes. My process for issuing a license is simple and fast, and the cost will be based almost solely on the potential listener/viewership for your commercial endeavor that will incorporate my music. I invite you to contact me to discussing obtaining a commercial license.

I am not exactly a ‘purist.’


I compose in many genres for many purposes. And I enjoy creating musical colors and textures that vivify the emotion of narratives and visuals.


This sampler provides examples of the kinds of musical colors and textures I can create for your project. (The complete tracks which are excerpted in this sampler are also available for licensing.)