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License music

My music is free to download and share with others in its original form. But before you use it for commercial purposes, please contact me for permission.

hire for recording or performance

I routinely collaborate remotely on recording projects nationally and internationally, and I gratefully accept performance invitations when it’s feasible. If you enjoy my style of instrumentals and would like me to work with you on a recording or performance, I would be happy to talk with you and tell you whether I can offer what you seek.

commission new music

I compose in a range of musical genres and have written music for a wide variety of projects. If you feel that my styles of composition fit the needs of your project, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the project with you.

receive virtual coaching sessions

I do not teach classical violin technique or repertoire at the elementary or intermediate level, as this kind of training requires that teacher and student work together in the same physical space. What I do offer are two types of virtual coaching sessions: (1) I coach violinists who wish to learn other styles of violin playing, specifically but not exclusively improvisational styles, (2) I coach musicians who wish to develop their songwriting. For songwriting coaching, I ask that you have a rough draft of a song prepared for us to work on together.