The Love We Long For

Meditations for those who are hurting

Romans mock the “King of the Jews” (Ciseri, Ecce Homo)


Forget everything you’ve ever heard about Jesus.

Let his words speak for themselves.

The Love We Long For immerses the listener in a meditative reading of these words, set to music I have written to vivify each sacred text.

If you feel drawn to Yeshua (Jesus’s Hebrew name), see where this desire leads.

Please listen with headphones or in a place of quiet and stillness.


Track Descriptions

The Sound of Yeshua’s Words Around the World (8:48 mins)
When his followers asked how to pray, Yeshua taught them to pray in simple words. In this meditation, hear one voice grow into many as you listen to a chorus of Yeshua’s followers from around the world praying these words in dozens of languages. I am grateful to each of them for sharing recordings of them praying this prayer — The Lord’s Prayer — and for the many who continue to share recordings with me.

Yeshua Proclaims Freedom to All Who Suffer (5 mins)
Yeshua begins his teaching in the Galilee region at age thirty. Standing to read from the Hebrew scriptures in the synagogue on the Sabbath, he quotes a Hebrew prophecy written 700 years earlier, and proclaims that its predictions — release for the captives, freedom for the oppressed — are fulfilled through him.

Experience Life in All Its Fullness (7:27 mins)
Using comforting metaphors the crowds could understand, Yeshua conveys his boundless love for all who hear his voice and desire to follow him, just as sheep hear and follow the voice of their loving shepherd.

Praying for His Followers in His Final Hours (10:04 mins)
In his final hours before being tortured and executed on Passover, Yeshua talks openly to his Father in Heaven, praying for his followers, and for all who will someday hear his words and feel drawn to him.


This meditation project is a work in progress. New meditations will be added here through April 2020, in English, followed by Arabic and Hebrew versions. All meditations are free to download and may be used for any non-commercial purpose without written permission.