Textura Magazine Features How to Listen to Machines

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How to Listen to Machines: Songs for Violin and Noise was spotlighted this month in Textura. In its review, Textura writes:

In the wrong hands, such a project could end up being... an interesting experiment but nothing more. Hall, on the other hand, smartly realized early on that musical material of substance would be needed for the project to turn into something of value, and consequently, though all four settings on this free-to-download EP feature nothing more than violin and recordings of machinery, each one holds up perfectly well as a vibrant, imaginative composition. So while “Stand Clear of the Closing Doors in A Major” does, for example, begin with the sounds of an MTA Brooklyn-bound L Train... Hall wisely used them as springboards for his musical inventions when the notes (C# and A) and latching morph into the violin's rapturous melody...

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