"Stirring and poignant"


"A vibrant, imaginative composition... rapturous"


"hall receives the MECHANICAL NOISES AS gifts, and returns the gifts with his bow"

A Closer Listen


works in progress

Check back regularly for upcoming projects. They’ll be made available here gradually, track-by-track as I write and record each piece for each project.


Release Date: April 2019 - April 2020
Genre: Sacred

Be Still - w Avenir text.png

Release Date: March 2019
Genre: Sacred
Photo: Joel Plotkin


latest releases


Release Date: February 2019
Genre: Contemporary Classical

Release Date: October 2018 - January 2019
Genre: Alternative


collaborative compositions

These ongoing projects are inspired by recordings sent to me from collaborators around the world.


Release Date: October 2018 - Present
Genre: Sacred
Photo: Jordan Hall

Release Date: January 2017 - Present
Genre: Electroacoustic
Photo: Jordan Hall




Release Date: January - March 2017
Genre: Electroacoustic
Design: DiLello Design

Release Date: 2004 / Released: 2018
Genre: Jazz / Blues
Photo: Joel Plotkin / Design: JLern Design